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First Step;   Starts with an Idea
We値l visit you in your home or at your workplace to discuss your project at its concept stage. We値l focus on seeing your vision as you do and, of course, we値l offer practical suggestions and ideas which will enhance your idea. We値l talk about your daily use needs and your expectations about price, quality, durability and practicality.


Second Step;  Completed Plans
Once we致e assembled your Ideas into a working concept, we値l create a detailed building works plan to finalise your layout. You値l have the chance to edit the plan before we proceed any further. We値l finalise the costs and ask for your agreement to continue.


Third StepYour Colours choice is finalised.
With hundreds of Colours, Patterns and Various Finishes available, we値l take some time to establish how your Laminates, Varnishes and Tops will match your personal needs and style. We can also refer you to a specialist Colour specialist if you need some help.


Fourth Step;  Accessories & Appliances
We値l choose from the massive range of appliances and accessories available or, if you prefer, you can supply your own and we値l fit them into your design.


Fifth Step;  Your Project is Complete !!!
Of course we値l include all the Trade Services you require to ensure you have a working product when we leave !

Enjoy your new asset with pride and happiness

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